Sunday, February 10, 2013

Totally different- special pleading

Theists engage in special pleading. They claim that we as William Sahakian who claims that we are using the fallacy of multiple questions- have you quit beating your wife- when we ask who created God?No, ti's his side who special plead and beg the question that He requires no creator and no designer. They claim that we naturalists have the problem of the brute fact when we claim that the Cosmos [ the Polyverse] is eternal, whilst they have the  Ultimate Explanation in God, but again that special pleads and that explanation is no more than an argument from ignorance- no evidence at all and is just God did it, ever so incoherent as never do theists tell us in general how He does it!

      They special plead that as they see the pareidolias of intent and design instead of mechanism and patterns, because they again special plead for  God to guide natural causes instead of their being their own bosses.
      They special plead for miracles when they find putative ones instead of acknowledging that once again those have only natural causes. They special plead for theirs to be different from those of other religions.
       They special plead for Him  to have saved Jewry when other peoples also saved themselves, albeit with outside help.
       Christians special plead for their form of salvation to be needed against those of other religions.
       Jewry special plead to be the chosen when others might so claim that role. To be sure, being the chosen for them does not mean to be otherwise special- no extra rights and so forth.
      Other religions carry their own special pleads.
      Do you dissent and why? Can you cite other cases of theistic special pleading?
      Please post here!

      And may we talk to each other, not past each other!


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