Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Children rank way above parental rights

      We must  not tolerate parents or others who endanger children with faith-healing.Children, whatever the parental belief, have the right to good health-care. Laws must deal with those miscreants who would endanger children with faith-healing and exorcism This hardly limits the parents' religious liberty,because this is not about their  liberty but the health of the children. Parents can still themselves partake of those two abuses.

        Healers who tell others to throw away medicines and such should face jail-time. This is such an abuse.Science finds no need for  either and indeed finds them  contrary to good medical practice.

        No one ever gives evidence for either anyway, just misinterpretations of evidence- remissions, sleight of hand and so forth.

        I despise them all!  It's bad enough with their theology but adding these practices adds to why one ought to be  a gnu atheist!

       Ti's no begged queston nor a priori matter but a requirment for real evidence.

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