Monday, November 19, 2012

Tax the churches!

       Why should we not tax churches as we tax other institutions?  Of what value to society is their  tax exemption? They don't provide so much to charity as they do to proselytivation and their own upkeep. 
       This should now be a secular aim.   
        I doubt that churches do as much as government could do had it their tax moneys. Are there real reasons to continue the tax exemptions/
        I see no reason to continue this policy as it doesn't cohere with separation of church and state and with no moneys for religious education through public schools.
        I view churches  like I do  any lodge- fellowship with doctrination.
        Society doesn't need them as vehicles of morality, of which many contravene !
        Any amplication of this view would help.
         Any dissent?


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